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Payroll Services

There is no longer any need for you to spend your Friday afternoon figuring payroll for your employees or worrying about withholding the correct amounts for all payroll deductions and paying it on time.  Simply call, fax or email us your current information, we will calculate your payroll for you.  Each employee will receive a paystub with the current payment and the year to date payments and deductions.

Our payroll services include:  
  - Timely Payroll Preparation
  - Payroll Tax Deposits
  - Quarterly Forms 941 and SUTA Reports
  - Annual Forms 940, W2, W3, 1099s and 1096
  - Direct Deposit available for an additional charge

We keep current on the correct rates and limits and any new laws that affect you or your employees.

Our payroll experience is wide, yet no payroll is too small or too large!