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Our Bookkeeping Services include:
  - Complete Bookkeeping Services
  - Paying Bills and Managing Accounts Payable
  - Preparing Deposits and other Banking Services
  - Invoicing your customers, Posting Collections, Aging Accounts Recievables
  - Organizing and Setting Up your Company's Financial Records
  - Handling all Payroll functions, including Quarterly and Annual Payroll Tax Reports
  - Bank Reconciliation's and Providing Cash Balance Reports
  - Develop a Buisness Plan, Annual Budget and Forecast
  - Providing Financial Projection and Expert Analysis
  - Maintaining Sales Journals and General Ledgers
  - Providing Financial Statements
  - Cash to Accrual Conversions 
  - Manual or Automated Systems available
  - Calculate Sales Tax

Our Administrative services include: 
  - Word processing
  - Database management
  - Excel spreadsheet preparation
  - Business Incorporation 
  - Designing letterhead and business cards
  - Designing brochures and newsletters
  - Bulk mail preparation 
  - Resume preparation 
  - Miscellaneous secretarial tasks

Our Tax Preparation services include:
  - Individual Tax Preparation
  - Business Tax Return Preparation
  - Partnerships & Corporate Tax Preparation
  - Business Start-Ups
  - Assisting with any notice from the IRS, including an Audit notice
  - Refiling taxes for those who paid too much.

Each month we will provide you a complete financial package that will help analyze your business on a monthly and annual basis.  More importantly, we can help you use these statements, as well as reports, to better manage your business.  These reports will help increase your profitability and enhance your interactions with accounting and financial institutions, so you have an accurate picture of your financial health to make better business decisions.



In today's competitive environment, information is power!

By utilitzing Williams Business Soluitons, you'll receive valuable information to improve your cash flow, control your operations, and reduce your taxes.  Financial records will be prepared thoroughly and accuratly, based on proper accounting rules and procedures.  Plus, you will understand what the numbers mean, and how you can use them to manage your business more profitably.

There's a gold mine of profit-building information in knowing where you stand financially, and in knowing how to use this information to better plan for the success of your business.

Services Offered