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Williams Business Solutions is dedicated to providing top-notch tax preparation services to individuals and businesses. We will sort through all of your tax documents, receipts and forms and prepare a professional and accurate tax return. We also specialize in getting individuals and businesses caught up on back taxes, if needed. You have no worries with Williams Business Solutions behind your tax preparation.

Our rates for tax preparation vary depending on complexity of the tax return. Payment for tax preparation is due before your tax return is filed electronically. We accept credit card payments as well as personal or business checks. We will be happy to provide a ball park estimate before we begin based on your previous year’s tax return. For business tax clients, if your tax preparation involves getting your books caught up for that year, then we will charge our regular hourly rate for the bookwork – this will be an additional charge on top of our tax preparation fee and the total amount must be paid before your tax return can be filed electronically. For more information on our rates and tax preparation services, contact Amy Williams at awilliams@williamsbussolutions.com or call us at (979) 826-8000.

Stop dreading every tax season!
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